What is the PBA?
In 1997 a large group of bowlers worldwide decided to form an association (Professional Bowlers Association) to run and manage a series of world-class tournaments with substantial prize money. The PBA operates a series of open tournaments known as the World Bowls Tour. The PBA has chapters in every lawn-bowling country in the world including Canada. More info at professionalbowlsassociation.com

What is PBA Canada?
Sanctioned by PBA, PBA Canada conducts qualifying tournaments in Canada with the winners earning a spot to the various World Bowls Tours events. To join the PBA players pay an annual membership fee and the cost of entering PBA Canadian Finals per even. Members can choose to enter any number of events.

How does a PBA Canada player qualify to play in World Bowls Tours events?
It’s very easy! Depending on the number of entries, all you have to do is win 3 or 4 singles games, in a row, to become PBA Canada champ and represent Canada in the WBT championships. That’s all it takes to win a spot to compete on the PBA’s famed Blue Carpet! Winners will earn a partially-subsidized trip to the U.K. to play in these WBT events. Our events are usually single knockout format to mirror the world event it leads to.

How can I stay up to date?
PBA members will try to keep this website up to date with information as it becomes available. However member discussions and more immediate announcements are often made in the PBA Canada Facebook Group

How much is funded by PBA?
Funding will depend on number of memberships and entries to events. The funds are allocated into 6 equal payments given to the bowler of the year and each winner of the 4 scheduled qualifiers in singles and pairs. No money is retained by PBA Canada and the only expenses are green rental fees paid to the host club for each event. This maximizes the payout to Canadian winners.

Some PBA events will be subsidized overseas for hotel and meals by the organizer of events. There is also opportunity to win prize money based on your performance overseas. This changes per event and possibly per year as well